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Required Skills:

Job Description


Pharmaceutical Industry

Desired Experience & Qualification

  • Bookkeeping Diploma or similar
  • Min 2 years’ experience in a similar role
  • Excellent knowledge of Pastel Partner
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent understanding and knowledge of Financial Acumen
  • Excellent numeracy skills
  • Well-balanced individual
  • Willing to take initiative to deliver results
  • Professional written and verbal communication skills


Analysis of Bank Statement 

  • Ensure that all bank statements are received daily;
  • Create a pivot table to capture receipts on Microsoft excel;
  • Ensure that all cash and credit card transactions are captured in the correct month;
  • Process payments from the bank statement to Pastel;
  • Ensure the bank reconciliation has a zero balance once reconciled


  • Ensure that all creditors’ documents are received from the stores;
  • Capture invoice/statements of creditors;
  • Process all creditors amounts onto Pastel and ensure outstanding balance matches the outstanding amount on the statement


  • Capture all Trade Debtors and Medical Aid debits;
  • Reconcile to debtors age analysis;
  • Ensure the capturing of till shortages and staff accounts for staff.


  • Capture loans raised from stores through the cash book;
  • Ensure that the loan balances on the schedule match the Pastel information


  • Obtain payroll schedule for each store;
  • Split salaries from the statutory payment accordingly to ensure the net balance are captured;
  • Capture onto the salary control account ensuring PAYE, SDL and UIF are captured and correctly reconcile any differences that may arise.

Fixed Asset Register –

  • Update fixed asset register on excel;
  • Calculate and update depreciation monthly; Ensure FAR tie up to the amounts on Pastel

Petty Cash –

  • Obtain all information from stores to create a schedule to ensure that all petty cash is captured;
  • Ensure that amounts taken for petty cash reconcile back to expenses made;
  • Ensure that discrepancies are followed up and resolved.


  • Capture opening stock each month onto Pastel;
  • All stock movement to be recorded and captured;
  • Ensure the closing balance of the stock control account are reconciled to the trade account.

ATM Reconciliation –

  • Reconciliation of cash out-layed to money deposits by ATM service provider.

Safety and Security –

  • Must adhere to all current and future safety and security procedures as determined by the Financial Manager;
  • All equipment used must be kept in good working order. Any malfunctions and irregularities to be reported to the Financial Manager;
  • Ensure personal safety at all times