About Us

About NCLC

NCLC is a division of Breon Business Solutions - Where People are our Business and Business Solutions our passion!

NCLC’s outlook of the “HR Era” of People Management is what differentiates us from your ordinary service provider to the extraordinary ventures we approach not as Consultants but as a HR Solution Specialists.
Human Resources have become such a vital part of any Business that this professions diversity and roll of HR has become a challenge without doubt due to the continuous change in HR.
With these challenges we came to believe that the knowledge of our Specialist - “how to” is key to our success.
Our values are far beyond Integrity, Professionalism and Competency as our hands on approach to what we offer would make you feel that we have been part of your Business all along.
Our HR team is committed to being the best in their field of expertise with over 20 years of experience, but be assured if we don’t know the answer we will surely find it!
As HR Specialists, our commitment and passion for our profession, we actively pursue the ideals of professionalism and are therefore ethically obliged to:
• Bring meaning and quality of work life to the people we serve in our professional capacities
• Ensure the sustainability of the organizations that we serve
• Make a difference to the communities we touch.